Howdy! My name is David Fan. I'm a team lead computer engineer involved within a variety of research areas. Currently, I am heavily focused on neuromorphic computing and some of the interesting research going on in the field of computational and theoretical neuroscience. It is quite a bit of a niche area from the hot topics of today's current 2nd generation neural networks. For myself, I'm quite a bit interested in the 3rd generation neural networks which is particularly where the neuromorphic computing area comes in with spiking neural networks.

In my prior life, particularly during my Masters, I was working on hardware accelerator work which primarily involved GPGPUs and FPGAs programming in CUDA and OpenCL. Accelerator work is quite an interesting field as jumping from algorithm to algorithm that need to be accelerated kept peaking my interest. Following the trends of artificial intelligence, particularly with the boom of neural networks and their affinity for GPUs have more or less pushed me to where I am today.

In addition to my research work, I've also been working part-time as a lead engineer for a startup company started by a professor, another student, and myself. The startup is primarily focused on applied Internet of Things (IoT) applications which compliments much of my current research and my prior work.